Caring for environment

We’re facing a full-on environmental crisis. Do you really need another totebagor pen?

When you think about all of the energy and resources that go into making just one of conference promotional items you get to wonder: do you really need it?

What if you left your next conferencewithout heaps of notepads, pens, and USB drives stuffed in a tote bag, all of which will eventually end up in the trash?

You might say: “I will reuse my conference bag for grocery shopping and will avoid using plastic bags”

But canvas bags might actually be worse for the environment than the plastic ones they are meant to replace.Cotton tote bagsexhibited the highest and most severe global-warming potential by far since they require more resources to produce and distribute.

Plastic bags need very few resources to manufacture and transport. They produce less carbon, waste, and byproducts than cotton or paper bags. They’re recyclable. They’re cheap. For all those reasons, they’re ubiquitous. And they remain, long after their usefulness is exhausted.

It iscalculated that an expenditure of a little less than two kilograms of carbon per plasticbag. For paper bags, seven uses would be needed to achieve the same per-use ratio. Tote bags made from recycled polypropylene plastic require 26, and cotton tote bags require 327 uses.

Our community is making a step and will not provide delegates with cotton bag, clastic badges or other excess material. We deaply hope that all members of the comminity will follow our iniciative.